GFS Electronics GFT-90 Chromatic Tuner


GFS Electronics

We've teamed up with one of the world's leading designer and manufacturer of digital footpedals to come up with the GFT-90.

A nice single footpedal spaced digital tuner with SUPER BRIGHT display. Unlike other inexpensive digital tuners, these are weighted, so the tuner is sampling an average of several points in time= this makes for very, very steady and accurate tuning.

You have two outputs- "Bypass" and "Output".

Bypass allows you to keep your signal unchanged- whether the tuner is enagged or not, your guitar signal will be passed to the amp.

Output mutes the sound of the guitar when the pedal is engaged... perfect for between-song tuning.

The GFT-90 runs on a single 9 Volt battery (included) and also can operate from our GFS Electronics power adapters.

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