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What is it with modern fuzz pedals??

They sound SOOO bright and hard... Not the fat warm fuzz I remember.

Vintage pedals sound great but are noisy as hell- and the old EH pedals tend to be less than roadworthy these days. Modern Boutique pedals sound great but the price- OUCH!

The Pro Fuzz Classic has been carefully tuned and tailored to match the feel and vibe of our extensive collection of 70s fuzz pedals. Warm and BOLD with a great natural "Vocal" midrange response- warm bottom end and a natural relaxed treble.

Fuzz is still a great effect- if you use the right pedal!

This is a professional quality pedal, with a completely steel enclosure- stainless steel hardware, THICK double sided high-quality PC boards, super high quality low noise components and a heavy duty footswitch.

Nobody and I mean sells a pedal this good, this cool looking, this cool sounding for this kind of dough!

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