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If you've got a BIG sounding clean amp- like a Twin, Bassman- heck even a JC-120 or big, clean modelling amp- the Bluesdrive is for you.

The goal here was to recreate the big, fat round smooth overdrive of a fender Deluxe but with modern levels of gain and crunch. FANTASTIC with thinner sounding guitars- get that tele sounding FAT... really fattens up even Rickenbackers and thinner sounding Strats.

The Bluesdrive Classic has three modes:

  • "Rotund" is MAX BOTTOM- great for thin guitars or thin amps- may be a bit much for overwound humbuckers...
  • "Fat" is just right- fat and big like a hard-edged overdriven Fender Deluxe...
  • "Thin" is tighter and harder- like a Marshall running on a variac...

Like all of the GFS Footpedals, the Bluesdrive Classic is built a solid steel enclosure with heavy duty componentry and high quality switch and jacks. It wil run off of a standard 9 volt battery (Not Included), or either of our GFS A/C Adapters.

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