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The Black Hammer is our most modern, most aggressive Distortion pedal.

We've tried to impart the Hammer with some of the ridiculous gain and harmonics that some of the best boutique tube amps offer. We feel this is a far more organic metal sound than many of the processed thin "modelled" metal sounds out there. This pedal has EXTREME levels if gain if you need it...

The Black Hammer has three modes:

  • "Firm" a very aggressive lead sound with a bit more bottom end and a relaxed midrange-
  • "Fat" is a bt thicker with a bit more mids dialed in
  • "Tight" is the scooped mid sound- perfect metal rhythm sound but TONS of gain on tap.

Like all of the GFS Footpedals, the Black Hammer is built a solid steel enclosure with heavy duty componentry and high quality switch and jacks. It wil run off of a standard 9 volt battery (Not Included), or either of our GFS A/C Adapters.

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