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Some history:

    Guild asked Mosrite to build Fuzzrites for them under the Foxey Lady name and in a different housing. According to Eddie Sanner, the designer of the Fuzzrite, the circuit was exactly the same, but Guild said they didn't sound the same, so after 2-3 runs (around 1000 pedals in total) they started looking for a new partner who could build pedals for them.

    They found Mike Matthews, who didn't start the Electro-Harmonix brand yet, but he had a circuit and let Aul Instruments build the pedals. One of the techs at Aul, Norman Schwartzman, would become the first Electro-Harmonix employee.

    When Mike started the Electro-Harmonix company, the Foxey Lady became a version of the Axis Fuzz, later of the triangle knob and ram's head versions of the Big Muff Pi


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