GtrWrks bV (Flat Five) Overdrive


GtrWrks (2010)

There have been many issues dragging the production time down for the bV OD (mostly my hectic gig schedule) - things have been rectified and production has finally begun - whew! In just a few days these will be available directly from our site as well as many dealer sites. I've received many, many emails regarding the availability of the bV and GtrWrks appreciates not only your interest, but your patience as well. Coming very soon!


  • amilar overdrive sounds - clean boost to very driven/singing solo tones - smooth and round.
  • Kiyotsugu Amano has been using our bV for a few months now and is well known for great guitar tones. GtrWrks is very happy to have Mr. Amano among our customers.
  • No musical tool works for every job and the bV is no exception. These have been voiced to work optimally with Fender(R) style amplifiers, but will sound great with many, many different types of amps.

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