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The CO2 is two essential pedals combined into one single awesome unit. Compressor on the left and Overdrive on the right. The Compressor has two controls, Volume and Compression. Regardless of how it is set, it has a natural sounding expansion, just the right amount of pop, and a bright tone, that brings your playing out and distinguishes your sound from the rest. The Overdrive side has three controls, Volume, Tone and Gain. This effect produces a warm smooth Overdrive that takes your compressed signal to the next level. This unit provides the ideal combination for bringing out your licks and solos. The CO2 also features our custom Black Widow Op amp chip to ensure the highest quality sound possible. The CO2 is true bypass and is housed in an original Olympic white 16 gauge steel enclosure with machined aluminum knobs. So whether you play country, jazz, rock, or all three, the CO2 will bring out the subtle nuances of your style in a professional and elegant way.

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