Guitar Tone Company


    Guitar Tone Company is run by David Harrington located in Brewster NY (relocated from NYC). He is the sole designer and builder and works by himself.

    Timeline (by David Harrington)

    • 1999: started experimenting
    • 2000: making clones of famous pedals
    • 2001: start bread boarding original designs
    • 2001: build the first Super 72 (Bloody Finger)
    • 2002: Give a pedal to James Blood Ulmer "this thing is amazing" he did an interview in Guitar player and said the only effects he uses are a Cry Baby wah and a Super 72
    • 2003: give a pedal to Billy Corgan
    • 2004: move to Canada start the GTC company
    • 2008: move back to NY (company on hold due to family and financial problems)
    • 2011: Billy Corgan on Youtube: "the Super 72 (Bloody Finger) is the best pedal I ever had".
    • 2012: based on demand start to make the original pedal again

    * these dates are rough... really rough!

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