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The Roach Clip Custom was born from a customer wanting "something a bit more "roachy" than the AsSiD Boost was capable of.

"Roachy"? Thus, The Roach Clip Custom...

The circuit simply adds another gain stage to distort the signal even that much more. But it's controlled. With seperate Bass and Treble controls and separate tone switching, you're able to dial in different tastes.

The 3-way toggle switch selects which type of tone is desired. When the switch is centered, both sides of the tone selector are engaged. The switch is is an "on-on-on" toggle switch so at any time the "boost" foot switch is engaged you will add either an upper-mid cut, a deep-mid cut or when centered, an absolute overall mid scoop.

The tone circuit is a passive Baxandall Hi-Fi tone stack through seperate bass and treble controls, allowing greater tonal flexability.

Hand wired in a 1590DD sized case, either battery or 9v adapter capable.

The circuit will accept up to 18v DC for greater headroom. A fully charged 9v battery will last many, many hours of use. When a 9v adapter is used, this bypasses the internal battery. To preserve battery power, disconnect the input cable to deactivate the circuit. This will ensure long battery life.

The circuit also has reverse polarity protection. If protection is activated, the pedal will return to playability a short time after polarity has been corrected.

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