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The AsSiD Boost is the result of many years playing guitar, looking for a certain sound out of an uncountable number of pedals trying to get "that" sound.

After several pedal mods and gaining more and more info on effects circuits, I decided to give it a shot.

The result is the AsSiD Boost.

  • As - Asymmetrical
  • Si - Silicon
  • D - Diode

The main circuit is based off of the Big Muff circuit.

But instead of a single Tone knob, I've gone a step further and added a passive Baxandall tone circuit with separate Bass and Treble, as well as several other modifications to the circuit.

The tone is a smoother, more controlled overdrive that isn't choppy or "splatty".

  • The Gain will back off almost to completely clean but still retains a bit of grit.
  • The Volume is the overall output.
  • Foot-switchable "Boost" switches in and out of the selected toggle setting.
  • "Kick" gives the sound a bit of midrange boost to straighten out the tonestack curve.
  • "Bite" gives it a bit more upper range boost where the Treble doesn't cover.

Whatever your flavor is, the option is there to kick in on the fly.

Transistors are socketed, and transistor info is written on the inside cover with what it's shipped with.

Each pedal is hand made and tuned with components that flavor the sound.

Some say Mojo... Whatever it is, this is the pedal I always wanted and I present it to you.

Version 2 of the AsSiD Boost  has new separate Bass and Treble controls as well as the boostable tone circuit.

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