Ground Control Audio Serpens - Optical Compressor/Boost


Ground Control Audio

Over a year in the making, the Serpens is a different boost/optical compressor pedal. Contrary to more traditional offerings, it does not try too hard to remain transparent and will add its own unique, darker charm to your tone, while effectively evening out playing dynamics to your liking and remaining as silent as possible when not playing.

Separate controls exist for playing sensitivity and signal gain - which work closely together to create compression on your guitar. The gain control also provides a solid signal boost when sensitivity is turned down, easily overdriving what follows. A blend knob allows for dialing in some dry signal back into the mix for a more subtle compression.

Designed with the natural attack and release times of light-dependant resistors in mind, internal trimmers allow the more adventurous to tweak maximum gain level, LED turn-on threshold bias and recovery gain according to your own preferences and available headroom.

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