Groove Street Anthology Wah


Groove Street

The wah has been around for long in various colors.

Today we have finally done it : we created our mother of all wah's.

Ideas have been going around and we knew what we wanted : a vowel like sweet wah pedal. Finally Ed designed it with a trimmer inside so you can set it to bright, mellow or dark tone. And it has no more input buffer but an output buffer instead. Did we mention it is true bypass ? No tone sucking !

We are modifying all Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby to Groove Street Anthology Wahs on demand and of course you can buy a brand new Groove Street Anthology Wah from us ! 90% of the Crybaby is stripped to be able to build the Anthology inside.

How wah is that for a change ? Check it out at Groove Street.

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