Groove Street


    Groove Street is a guitar shop in the center of Brussels, Belgium, founded and run by Edwin Van Bunderen. They stock, sell and ship guitars, basses, effects, amplifiers, parts and accessories from dozens of major and boutique manufacturers.

    Groove Street has been in the same Brussels Center neighborhood for almost nine years. During that time we have grown into the premier retailer of high-end guitars consumables and bits in Brussels and around.

    Timeline (by Edwin Van Bunderen)

    • December 2002 : got into planning my future shop at age 29...
    • June 1st 2003 : the company was official
    • June 23rd 2003 : the shop opened its doors
    • Loads of other great moments happened in the shop meanwhile
    • January 2009 : Got into the effects pedals business with one model
    • May 2009 : our Distortion prototype was approved!
    • October 2011 : Ghinzu guitarist Greg, Pete Yorn guitarist, Joe Bonamassa, Thierry Van Durme, Olivier Louvel, Steev Cris, Michael Jones and Eric Melaerts are using Groove Street effects. And about 100 other guitarists have chosen for our effects!
    • 2012 : The first Groove Street amp?

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