Griffin Effects Purple Nurple Deluxe


Griffin Effects

We've expanded the original Purple Nurple to be a versatile fuzz machine. You can get the great original PN sound and many more with increased dynamics.


  • Hand-made and Hand-wired
  • True Bypass
  • Volume - Still has the big volume of the original.
  • Gain - Controls the amount of clipped signal. It is very reactive to the Shape control.
  • Shape - Controls the type of fuzz sound from aggressive to super buzzy. Or goal was for it to be able to get buzzy without having the gated cut-off that kills the sustain.
  • Tone and Bright - These aren't your basic tone controls that uses high or low-pass filters. We basically use a modified state-variable filter which doesn't cut the frequencies. The result is no "muddyness", booming bass and crisp highs.
  • Power - Runs on 9v battery or standard regulated 9v wall-wart power supply (not included).

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