GreyDressedBoy MotherFuzzer



Fuzz + octaver up, handmade

2 button switches

  • true bypass
  • octaver up

4 knobs:

  • volume
  • tone
  • blend (mixing fuzz and clean sound, very useful for bass!!)
  • gain;

2 troggle switches:

  • de-activating diode clipping to reach a crunch distorsion and insane volume!!!
  • hi - lo boost

All GREYDRESSEDBOY’s devices are handmade, original in production and design (by Elvis Marangon). Each circuit is mounted in diecast enclosure handpainted.

Circuitry use high quality compo- nents, mounted on photoetched board, drilled and assembled by hands.

Each item needs 9v DC power supply (negative tip 5,5 x 2,1mm) and contains anti-hum filter and wrong polarity protection.

Lifetime warranty Audio pots equipped True bypass

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