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The Jumbo Fuzz is an over the top distortion/fuzz, driven by 4 silicon transistor and diodes. It’s based on an italian fuzz pedal from the early 70’s. It produces nice distortions to insane fat fuzz tones. It responses very well to your guitar volume knob. The Saturation knob controls the amount of distortion/fuzz from 0 to 5 and after about 6 it starts to compress into endless sustain. The Tone controll makes this pedal very versatile. Some people even say it’s like a blend between Germanium and Silicon.
One of the fattest sounding fuzz pedals around.
Also sounds massive with bass guitar!

Handbuilt in Switzerland, True Bypass, Switchcraft plugs, big knobs, hand selected, matched and biased silicon transistors.

Volume: A lot of volume.
Saturation: From distortion to compressed fuzz.
Tone: From fat and dark into trebly fuzz lead sounds.

Works with 9V battery or normal 9V AC/DC adapter (negativ tip) like 1Spot 9V adapter or Boss 9V adapter (not included).

Available in various colours

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