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The Germanium OD is based on the legendary Tone Bender. It creates from dynamic overdrives to crazy 60’s Fuzz tones. It cleans up nicely when you turn your guitar volume down. It’s touch sensitive, pushes upper mids and overtones, and it cuts very well through the mix.

Great to reproduce legendary guitar tones like; Jimmy Page (Yardbirds and LedZeppelin), Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton (Beano and Cream), Billy Gibbons (ZZ TOP) and many more.

Hand built in Switzerland, true bypass, Switchcraft plugs, big knobs, hand-selected, matched and biased NOS germanium transistors, NOS capacitors (Philips and Tropical Fish)

Since the germanium transistors are PNP and have positive ground, you usually are not able to use germanium pedals with a normal 9V adapter.

The Greuter Germanium OD has an internal polarity converter. This allows you to use it with normal 9V adapter (negative tip). There’s no hassle with only using batteries or a special power supply.


  • Volume: It has more than enough volume.
  • Saturation: From overdrive to crazy fuzz.

Works with 9V battery or normal 9V AC/DC (negative tip) adapter like 1Spot 9V adapter or Boss 9V adapter (not included).

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