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The Fuller Drive is a FET driven overdrive to make your amp sound like a cranked vintage British amp. From very low gain (almost clean) to cranked overdrive. A very natural and touch-sensitive pedal, which cleans up when you turn your guitar volume down. Works great with any guitar and amplifier. If you’re playing in a small venue and you’re not able to crank up your amp, this is the pedal to go. Opens up and widens your sound. You don’t want to turn it off again.
It’s also great for bass.

Handbuilt in Switzerland, True Bypass, Switchcraft plugs, aluminium knobs, matched and biased FET-transistors,

Top Boost: lifts Treble, a bit like the old AC30’s
Bass Cut: cuts the subs for a tighter sound, especially with bigger amps.
Drive: from clean to cranked.
Volume: Interactive with Drive, it’s like Pre and Post volume of some tube amps.
Tone: from dark to very bright.

Works with normal 9V ac/dc adapter (negative tip) like 1Spot 9V adapter or Boss PSA 9V adapter (not included).

Available in: Transparent Orange, Yellow, Metallic Red, Transparent Blue, Metallic Blue (more pictures are coming), Etched and Heavy Etched. I also do a personal design for you.

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