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Greuter Audio

The Greuter Boost is based on the legendary Rangemaster Treble Booster. It boosts upper mids and makes your guitar sounds dirty with a slight germanium overdrive. This Boost is no Clean Boost!. Cuts very well in the mix, pushes overtones into feedback. Works very well with cranked small low wattage tube amplifiers.

Since most of the germanium transistors are PNP and have positive ground, you usually are not able to use germanium pedals with normal 9V adapter. The Greuter Boost has an internal polarity converter to use it with normal 9V adapter. So there’s no hassle with using only batteries or a special power supply.

Great to reproduce the guitar tones of Eric Clapton (Beano and Cream), Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Ritchie Blackmore (early Deep Purple, Tony Iommi (early Black Sabbath), Marc Bolan (T-Rex), Brain May (Queen) and many more.

Hand built in Switzerland, true bypass, Switchcraft plugs, big knob, hand selected and biased NOS germanium transistor, NOS capacitors (Philips and Tropical Fish)

Volume: The more volume the more it overdrives
T&B: Tone switch to add bass.

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