Greer Amps Third Dimension II


Nick Greer Amplification (2006-2008)

Let's say you had three amps, one guitar, three separate tones, and you want to be able to use them together or separately and not have to go unplug and replug every time you want to play a different amp. Well... here is your solution: The Third Dimension. This box is a single input to triple output, plug one guitar into one side of the box and three amps into the other side. There are three independent switches to turn the amps on and off independently or to have them all three playing at one time. There are LEDs that light up to indicate which amplifier is active (all three active, you have three LEDs lit up). The LEDs are powered by a single 9 volt battery and this pedal does NOT have a 9 volt adapter on it (the battery should last for a long while!). There is no "Pop" when an amp is activated or turned off through the box like on some pedals and the signal goes straight through from your guitar to your amp, so there is no difference in tone.

  • Knobs: None
  • Features: True Bypass, LED
  • Size: Unavailable

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