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The Greer Mini Sweetback Driver is a Class A single transistor boost pedal. This pedal has a lot of volume boost on hand, and can drive the front end of an amplifier very hard. The control on the outside of the pedal is a boost control, at its lowest setting, the pedal is at unity gain, and in some ways, acts like a buffer. As the knob is rotated to higher positions, the pedal begins to breathe more fire. As the control is rotated, hissing and popping will occur, as the control is actually adjusting the bias point of the transistor, as a variable resistor between the emitter of the transistor and ground. These pedals are hand made, hand finished, and feature true bypass switching that has compensation to reduce the risk of popping. The Greer Mini Sweetback Driver requires a power supply (the user must provide a power supply--the pedal DOES NOT come with one), as a battery will not fit inside of the pedal. The Greer Mini Sweetback Driver uses very little power, and requires a center pin negative power supply, like most Boss or Ibanez style pedals use.

Last but not least, this pedal features top quality components, including a premium footswitch, alpha potentiometer, high quality jacks, a bright blue mini LED, and extremely high quality solid core wire. Each pedal is hand built, one at a time, with attention to detail and top quality work. We hope you like our work.

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