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The Fish Press is Greer Amplification's first Compressor. This pedal is based on the vintage Orange Squeezer circuit with some slight modifications. The pedal features two controls, Volume and Squish. The pedal is capable of an immense amount of boost from the volume control. The squish control allows the user to dial in the perfect amount of compression, at its lowest setting the pedal is mainly a clean boost, with the squish control set higher the pedal compresses beautifully. There is an internal trim pot that can be tweaked by the user to adjust the minimum and maximum amount of compression available via the Squish control. At the highest settings the internal trim pot dials out most of the compression, at the lowest setting the pedal shuts off, if it is turned into this area, simply turn it back the other way. Unlike many compressors that kill the pick attack, the Fish Press allows the attack to come through in the most open of ways.

  • Knobs: Volume, Squish
  • Features: DC Power Jack, True Bypass, LED
  • Size: 2 5/8" Wide, 4 3/4" Long, 1 1/2" Tall

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