Greer Amps Brown Bomber


Nick Greer Amplification

Take a step back in time to the goldera era of tone...well in this case, the brown era. Based on the brownface Fender Concert, Greer Amps has put the legendary sound and feel of this amp literally at your feet. A FET based circuit, capable of producing a full spectrum of clean to amp-like overdrive, the Brown Bomber sounds and reacts like an amp in every way. How is this possible? The circuitry of the pedal is very similar to the actual circuit of the Concert, but with FETs in place of tubes. Atop the pedal sits controls for Volume, Bass, Treble, Gain, and Presence. The pedal captures the Fendery top end, and growly midrange of these brownface classics. FETs in pedal are indvidually preset for their optimum bias range, and not for user tweaking.

  • Knobs: Volume, Bass, Treble, Gain, Presence
  • Features: DC Power Jack, True Bypass, LED
  • Size: 3 3/4" Wide, 4 3/4" Long, 1 1/4" Tall

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