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Greenhouse Effects Outlier Distortion/Overdrive

What does it mean to be both an overdrive AND a distortion? Most of the time, it means "more gain" means "distortion" and "less gain" means "overdrive." Players know the difference. It's not just about the tone, it's about the feel. Does it feel like your hands are cooking the tubes, or does it feel like the tubes are pre-cooked?

With the Outlier, you get the best of both worlds: ξA juicy, dual-mode dirt box that breaks the mold of misnomers, and gives you creamy, saturated overdrive AND distortion that just feels right.

The Outlier is capable of a wide range in both modes, with just a little overlap in both. The OD position on the switch gives you sparkling touch-sensitive drive with a wide range of gain on tap, while the Distortion side offers you face-searing, just plain mean gain that already sounds and feels like a melting amp.

A two-band active EQ boosts or cuts its respective bands when set left- or right-of-center, for the ultimate in tonal versatility. The Volume control on the Outlier also gives you enough output to really get those tubes angry.ξ


  • Dual-mode gain box with distinct OD and distortion modes
  • Incredible wide gain range across both modes
  • Two-band active EQ
  • Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)ξ

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