Greenhouse Effects Middle Man - Boost


The Middleman Boost was born after a comprehensive research incorporating professional guitar players and sound technicians.

Designed to be a versatile musical tool, the Middleman enhances the guitars dominant energy.

We wanted a pedal that doesn't boost frequencies that are not predominant to the guitar,that can also do a flat Eq clean boost and can add a tiny amount of distortion as well.

  • The Mid knob sets the amount of boost or cut applied to the mid frequencies at 500Hz(up to 15Db) .at 12o'clock it is non active, and delivers a flat Eq response.
  • The Gain knob boosts the level up to 35Db, adding a bit of grit as you crank it.
  • The Volume knob is the master volume control of the Middleman.

This simple three knob configuration gives you a substantial number of ways to boost and enhance your sound.

Use it as a:

  • Clean Booster
  • Gain Booster
  • Mid Booster for solos or to push a tube amp.
  • Mid scoop
  • External mid and gain control for other pedal
  • Buffer.


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