Greenchild g777


The G777 is a dual overdrive effects unit with two independent, mechanically isolated channels in one box. Both channels in this effect are designed from the ground up with channel stacking in mind, both pre and post I/O. With a wide dynamic range, the Triple Seven is well suited for a wide variety of playing styles and genres. 

Notable Features:

  •     Two mechanically isolated channels
  •     Transparent buffered input/output
  •     Boosted power supply with 30 volts of dynamic headroom (+/- 15V)
  •     Symmetrical soft clipping
  •     Versatile tone stack
  •     Unique gain and EQ topologies
  •     Boost (Channel #2 ) with up to 18dB of non-distorted, post signal volume control

The G777 accepts 9-18VDC (center negative) and is purposefully designed with a very low noise floor and maximum dynamic range.

Both channels (Channel #1 = ride side, Channel #2 = left side) may be operated in isolation or stacked.

Signal path with both channels engaged: Input -> Channel #1 -> Channel #2 -> Output



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