Greedtone Tremolo



This pedal has a smooth vintage shape and warm tone. The Speed will take you from a very slow pulse to a fast one with an extremely smooth transition. The Depth starts out subtle and moves all the way up to a rowdy full cut off. You will have to learn to play the pedal in the top setting. The volume control at 12 o'clock is at unity, higher up it will compress your sound, giving it better tracking.  Unlike most vintage Tremolos, it retains it sparkling Mids and Highs.


  • True-Bypass
  • Built-In Noise Reduction Circuitry
  • Fully Adjustable Volume, Speed and Depth
  • 100% Lead-Free Silver Solder Silver Mica Caps (for cleaner highs)
  • Built-In 9V DC Battery Back-Up Connection(not recommended)
  • Locking 9V-AC to DC Power Jack (twist-lock)
  • Ultra Rugged Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis
  • Long Lasting High Quality Pots
  • Solid Chromed-Brass Knurled Knobs (w/pos. indicators)
  • Hand-Wired Using Silver wire with Teflon jacket

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