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the Greedtone brochure

Greedtone was started by Greg Williamson in 1992. He sent out to solve two problems. Most pedal would turn into white noise when you would crank up the distortion. Second, if they had any low end it was farty. He set out to solve those problem and ended up with the greedtone. It has so much volume that you can use it to drive a tube amp really hard. The Greedtone is more of a overdrive pedal. It has a very honest sound. It can be used as a booster. It is more like a ts-9, then a big muff.

It will make your lows and highs sound better and tighter. I sell them to guitar, bass, and keyboard players. They are hand built at "The Bionic Ear" in Seattle Washington, and limited production runs.

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