Goya Panther



a 1967 Goya catalog about the "Combination Fuzz-Tone and Treble Boost:

The answer to today's demands for an all-in-one unit for creating the wild sounds of sophisticated musical effects.

Especially designed for Goya, this unit is made in the U.S.A. using only the finest available parts and equipment to give an instantaneous "fuzz" sound and split-second leap into treble boost. Two control knobs enable the player to pre-set the intensity of either effect.

The only unit of its type on the market with a built-in battery tester light. Now you can check before a performance whether the battery is operative and prevent a sudden power failure in the middle of a recording or show session.

$39.95 with battery

a 1968 Goya catalog about the Panther Box

A combination fuzz tone and treble boost. Three control knobs enable the player to preset the intensity of either feature. With built-in battery tester light. Made in U.S.A. Complete with battery. $39.95

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