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Gough Electronics

This is a brand new 'Filtron Pro Wah' guitar pedal, designed and hand built by myself in England. It is a bandpass type filter with variable resonance (Peak) and has Envelope control mode, Amplitude triggered mode and Auto Wah mode. The modulation for the auto wah can be triangle wave, square wave, upward ramp, downward ramp and random steps. There is also a manual setting to allow the filter to be tuned by hand. Triangle wave modulation can be added to the envelope mode if required, or turned off by rotating the 'Rate' control fully counter clock wise.

The effect has true bypass to allow a clean unaltered guitar signal to pass when the effect is in the bypass position. It can be powered from an internal 9v battery  (supplied) or external 9v power supply (not supplied). The DC socket has a negative center pin and takes a 2.1mm plug.

The case is diecast metal and has rubber feet. The design on the top of the pedal is an adhesive clear film. This is a hand made unit and as so the finish is therefore not the same as commercial pedals. Standard 1/4 inch jack sockets for guitar input and output. The input jack turns on the battery when a mono plug is inserted.


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