GoudieFX G-Drive



The GoudieFX G-Drive is a versatile overdrive based on the ts808 design. Think of this as a minimum parts count tube screamer with upgrades, I've removed the input/output buffers which are not needed in a true bypass configuration. I've also increased the available gain, optimized the tone circuit and minimized the mid range hump which makes the unit more transparent when compared to the screamers. I've also significantly increased the available headroom which allows you get a good volume boost even with clean settings. The clipping stage features three diodes in an asymmetrical configuration which gives the pedal more headroom and later break up. When you crank up the Drive control the overdriven sound is less "compressed" and more "open" when compared to the 808. Great tone for blues, rock, pop and slide guitar.

The G-Drive stacks well with other pedals, especially boosts, overdrives and compressors. If you're finding your tube screamer is too muddy and leaves you wanting more, save some money and give this a try!

Product Features:

  • 3pdt True Bypass Switching
  • 2.1mm DC jack (Boss style, 9V DC wired pin negative) with battery backup operation
  • 1% Metal Film Resistors
  • High Quality Metallized Film Capacitors
  • PCB Securely Mounted with PEM Standoffs
  • TL072 IC
  • 5mm Blue LED
  • Choice of white or black knobs (default is white)
  • Two Year Warranty!!

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