GoudieFX Delay



This is a digital delay which uses the PT2399 IC, there is an analog feedback path giving the pedal the warmth of BBD based delays. There is 500ms of delay available with adjustable repeats. There is an independant 'wet level' control rather than a 'blend' allowing you set the repeats to match your dry signal (great for U2 type delays). The dry signal is buffered from the digital portion of the circuit to ensure no tone loss or colouration. This is an affordable, warm, low noise delay with True Bypass that is a great alternative to expensive BBD type delay pedals.

NOTE: The current usage is approximately 30mA which is more than most pedals so I recommend using a DC adapter (wall wart) instead of a battery to power the pedal.


  • True Bypass Switching
  • 2.1 mm DC jack (Boss Style, 9V DC wired pin negative) with battery backup operation
  • 5mm Violet LED Indication
  • 1% Metal Film Resistors
  • High Quality Polyfilm Capacitors
  • PCB Securely Mounted with PEM Standoffs
  • Custom Built 2.5" x 4.5" Enclosure with a high gloss powdercoat finish
  • Two Year Warranty!!

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