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The GoudieFX Compressor is an analog CA3080E based compressor, think of a Ross with better treble response. The pedal features true bypass switching, 1% metal film resistors (instead of 5% carbon comps) and metallized film caps (instead of ceramic discs), the transistors in the gain stage are matched to 1% or less. This tone tool will make your guitar and amplifier sound even better. You can go from a nashville squeeze to defined sparkling cleans tight funky tones. There is enough gain available to use the pedal as a lead boost, it also stacks nicely with overdrive and other pedals. If you want maximum tone without all the frills and the high price tag then this is the compressor for you. Listen to the audio samples below to get an idea how the pedal sounds in action!


  • 3pdt True Bypass Switching
  • Rugged 'Tour Ready' Diecast Aluminum Enclosure
  • 2.1mm DC jack (Boss Style, 9V DC wired pin negative) with battery backup operation
  • 1% Metal Film Resistors
  • High Quality Polyfilm Capacitors
  • Hand Matched Transistors in the gain stage
  • Metallized Film Coupling Capacitors
  • CA3080E IC
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish and Silk Screening
  • Two Year Warranty!!

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