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The GoudieFX Blue Daddy is a mild overdrive based on the first version of the Blues Breaker which was around briefly in the early 1990's before it was discontinued. If you don't enjoy tube screamers or their derivatives then this is the overdrive for you!

What tones can you expect with this pedal? I'm getting pure SRV, Paisley and Mayer type tones with this pedal, it really makes a strat neck pick up come to life. If you play the Blues with a strat, you need one of these! It's great for rock, pop, country, jazz and blues style of music, not suitable for hard rock or metal on it's own.

Rather than replicating the original I took the opportunity to make several improvements to the design to enhance reliability, tone and address the high output impedance issue with the original design. Many hours of research, consultation and gig testing went into getting the great tone that this pedal delivers.

Think of the Blue Daddy as being opposite to a ts9/808, the frequency response is extremely flat with no mid range hump or muddiness which makes it sound brighter in comparison. It's particularly effective when placed in front of a ts9/808 type overdrive, much like you would use a Blues Driver but without the ice-pick in the ear problem. The clipping stage is subtle vs. aggressive which delivers a harmonically rich break up while retaining the sound of the guitar. The Blue Daddy is not a high gain pedal, when the gain control is at the maximum the pedal responds like cranked tube amp (without the volume!). The tone control is very musical and useful across it's entire sweep, ranging from dark blues/jazz tones all the way up to a Vox like chime. While there isn't an excessive amount of headroom available at roughly 2o'clock on the volume knob the output is unity gain with more volume available if needed. To get the best sounds I recommend using the Blue Daddy in front of your existing overdrives, preferrably the first pedal in the signal chain.

The Blue Daddy is built for players and will be appreciated most by experienced musicians. If you are the type of player uses very few pedals in general and prefers their overdrive to enhance the sound of the guitar rather than colour it, you will absolutely love the Blue Daddy. The Blue Daddy is also very effective as a Master Volume if you are playing an older style tube amp without one, the tone doesn't degrade with the volume decrease. With this pedal you'll be able control the dynamic range with your attack, keeping the tone in your hands.

Product Features:

  • True Bypass Switching.
  • 2.1mm adapter jack (9V DC wired pin negative) with battery clip.
  • 5mm Bright Blue LED Indication.
  • 1% Metal Film Resistors.
  • Polyester Metal Film Capacitors throughout for better audio performance and minimal noise.
  • Socketed IC to allow for experimentation
  • PCB securely mounted using PEM standoffs.
  • Two Year Warranty Against Defects or Failure.

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