GoudieFX 808+



The GoudieFX 808+ is based on the classic ts808 design with the less/more mod applied and component upgrades across the board. The less/more mod yields less gain at minimum settings (great clean boost) and twice the gain at maximum drive settings. This is a great sound for many styles including alternative, jazz, blues, rock, hard rock and country, also sounds great pushing a cranked marshall or mesa for a lead boost. There is a toggle switch that allows you to select either symmetrical (toggle UP) or asymmetrical diode clipping (toggle DOWN). Asymmetrical mode adds an extra diode to one side which gives you more head room and less compression, very bluesy strat sounds. The 808+ is built using a new production JRC4558D, 1% metal film resistors and quality polyester film capacitors for a great tone with the least noise possible. This pedal comes in a dark forest green powdercoat finish with white silkscreening that shows very well on dimly lit stages. The LED is green, blue is also available if preferred.

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