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It's through the communication with many guitarists that I've realized that one of the greatest quests every gigging guitarist is having : what is the solution when playing live for having both huge clean tone and excellent OD tone on the same stage with one amp only.

That's why I made analogue OD pedal when turned on on a clean tone makes a OD tone of a really good tube/valve amp.

It has:

  • 2 channels with 2 footswitches (off/Drive channel/Solo channel):

    • Left switch – true bypass/drive channel on

    • Right footswitch – Solo channel on/off, when Drive engaged

  • A mini toggle which selects the mode the OD will be working at (FAT mode/Vintage mode)

    • FAT mode - more modern tone, like Marshall JCM series

    • Vintage mode - vintage old school drive, like Marshall Plexi & Fender Tweed

  • There are three controls for Drive channel: Gain, Tone, Volume

  • and two controls for Solo channel: Gain and Volume.

Solo channel is not a separate channel - it actually uses the tone that is already set on a drive channel and then adds more Gain, more Volume or both.

Construction is very rigid, some say - built like a tank. All the components are top notch for this kind of application - Black Gate electrolytic capacitors, NOS Allen Bradley composite resistors, military grade opamp... makes the FATBOY extremely reliable and practically indestructible.

Power: 9V battery or 9V AC/DC adapter

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