GoosoniqueWorx is a one man operation by Ravi Goose, located in Singapore.

    Timeline (by Ravi Goose)

    • Mid 2002 - got into mods and repairs.
    • Early 2004 - First pedal the Mangojuice - a fet based distortion pedal.
    • Mid 2005 - More pedals - Pixie hybrid fuzz; Rapture Overdrive; Citrus Compressor. All these pedals are were for local (Singapore) sale only and are currently discontinued.
    • Mid 2007 - Fudge 73 (Triangle muff clone, discontinued).
    • Late 2007 - Tremor Tremolo (discontinued).
    • Early 2008 - Development of 'Seventheaven' Jfet based high gain pedal.
    • 18 August 2008 - Delivery of the first 'Seventheaven' silver version, only 50 hand made pieces were made and sold local and overseas.
    • November 2009 - Re-launch of 'Seventheaven' black version worldwide.Still hand made but with improved Made in USA PCB's and powder coated enclosures with silk screen.Only 100 pieces made.
    • June 2012 - Launch of the new improved Seventheaven now renamed 7thvn and the Kult high gain foot switchable dual channel pedal.

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