Good Karma Studio PhasaVibe


  • Speed
    controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the effect
  • Depth
    controls the depth/amplitude of the modulation (the size of the range in which the effect sweeps).
  • 45/90
    switches between MXR Phase 45 and MXR Phase 90 sounds.
  • Phase/Vibe
    switches between phaser and vibrato (vibe)
  • Script/Block
    switches between MXR Phase 90 script logo and block logo sounds.


Good Karma Studio

  • Based on the Phase 90 script
  • Has an added depth control
  • switch to choose script or block mode
  • switch to choose 90 degree phase or 45 degree phase
  • switch to simulate the univibe
  • Davies white control knobs
  • Limited to only 25 of each model per year highly collectable
  • All boutique options
  • Durable Aluminum case
  • Hand painted
  • Screen Printed controls and logos
  • Powder Coated Clear over all for the ultimate durability
  • Numbered and signed
  • Bright LED indicator
  • True Bypass switch
  • AC/DC operation
  • High quality Davies Knobs
  • Highest quality electronic components are used throughout
  • Teflon coated wire used throughout
  • High quality jacks and pots for road worthy durability
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • competitively priced
  • Extraordinary TONE!

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