God Box God Complex


  • Input
  • Drive
  • Tone
  • Output
  • NPD (toggle)


God Box

A silicone transistor design based on the venerable Fuzz Circuit with classic tweaks by Mayer, Fuller, & Dunlop. The circuit was tuned by hand & transistors carefully selected, sorted, and matched for optimum performance that belies it's simple FUZZ origins. This pedal does everything from a sparkle added clean boost to medium over-drive, then as you increase the gain you get classic fuzz and sustain. Click over the NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) for an over-all decrease in volume but increase in PURE GERMANIUM distortion, adding even more harmonic richness and density to your FUZZ laden leads. The VERY useful 6 position tone switch allows you to change the circuit in not so subtle ways. It's the ULTIMATE tone control, altering how your guitar acts within the circuit, NOT changing the touch sensitivity or interaction between your guitar and the amp/circuit. It's a system approach that allows your playing to shine and giving YOU more YOU.

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