GNI XD-1 Xtreme Distortion



Two-stage pedal capable of offering everything from a light distortion to an extreme one, just like the name says. Furthermore, the x-treme mode, activated with a tap of the foot, enhances the pick attack, causing the guitar's play to sound out above the other instruments.


  • Three-position switch for you to choose from a vintage timbre, an intermediate, and a modern timbre of the heavy bands of today.
  • Five potentiometers: Drive, Level, Low, High, and Extreme.


The GNI X-Treme Distortion can perform from a light distortion to an "x-treme" one. This is accomplished by turning on two adjustable distortion stages simultaneously, as you press the "x-treme" pedal. More than adding distortion, this also increases the output level, emphasizing your solo over the band.

The unit also has a 3 position "mod" switch which lets you choose a vintage classical timbre, a modern heavy timbre or an intermediate one.


  • DIST: This adjusts intensity of the first distortion stage.
  • EXTREME: This adjusts intensity of the second distortion stage, which is enabled when you press the "x-treme" pedal.
  • LOW / HIGH: These two knobs adjust the respective frequency ranges.
  • LEVEL: Effect's output level.
  • MOD SWITCH: This gives you three different timbres according to the selected position:
    1. Vintage: characteristic of classical bands.
    2. Intermediate
    3. Modern: characteristic of modern, heavy bands.
  • EXTREME LED ("ext."): This indicates when the extreme mode is enabled. If the effect is off (bypass mode), this LED just indicates that the extreme mode will be active next time you turn the effect on.
  • EFFECT LED ("on"): This indicates when effect is on. Its color changes according to the selection made on the "mod" switch.


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