GNI DD-1 Dual Drive



Two complete overdrives on one single pedal, which can be changed with a touch of the foot. Each overdrive has a particular timbre and both make it possible to go from one drive to a hyper overdrive.


  • Three-position switch, for you to choose from the modes Overdrive, Super Overdrive, or Hyper Overdrive.
  • Drive, Tone, and Level


The GNI Dual Drive is the combination of two powerful and different overdrive pedals. Each of them has a 3 position switch marked “O-S-H”, allowing you to choose: Overdrive, Super Overdrive, or Hyper Overdrive modes. This way you have two different pedals, both with three different modes, and you can instantly switch between them pressing the “commute” button. This means lots of resources and possibilities in a very creative unit.

Controls of each Overdrive:

  • DRIVE: This adjusts the amount of distortion ("drive") of the pedal.
  • TONE: This adjusts frequency characteristic of the effect.
  • LEVEL: Independent level settings for each overdrive.
  • MOD: 3-pos switch allowing you to choose among Hyper Overdrive, Super Overdrive or Overdrive modes.
  • EFFECT LED: Indicates when effect is on.
  • DRIVE SELECTION LED: One of these will always be on, indicating the overdrive in use, or the one that will be in use when you turn the effect on. These leds change color according to the MOD selection, being green for Overdrive mode, orange for Super Overdrive and red for Hyper Overdrive.


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