GNI AS-1 Amp Simulator



This is not only a powerful simulator capable of reproducing the sounds of the main amplifiers on the market, but this pedal also has an independent booster that can be added both for the effect as well as for the clean sound.


  • Three switches (Mic, Mod, and Amp) making 27 different effects possible.
  • Five potentiometers of the effect: Drive, Level, Low, Mid, and High.
  • One potentiometer for the intensity of the booster.


The GNI Amp Simulator is a “two in one” pedal, acting as an amplifier simulator, a booster pedal or both things at the same time.

Three switches (mic, mod, and amp) offer 27 different combinations of microphone position, amplifier characteristics and saturation (“drive”). Five potentiometers let you control drive, level and complete equalization (low, mid and high frequencies). An extra potentiometer lets you set booster’s gain.


  • DRIVE: This adjusts the amount of distortion (“Drive”) of the pedal.
  • LOW, MID, and HIGH: These three controls allow you to equalize the sound, adjusting intensities of the respective ranges of frequencies.
  • LEVEL: Effect’s output level. Note that if level is high and you activate the booster, you’ll probably get some additional distortion.
  • BOOST: This adjusts booster’s intensity, from 0 to 8dB.
  • MIC: This simulates three different positions of a microphone capturing the sound of a cabinet. The settings are: off. (Off-Centered), cent. (Centered), and class. (Classical).
  • MOD: This lets you change global saturation (“Distortion”) of the pedal. Settings are: hot (Most distorted), warm (Medium) and clean.
  • AMP: Simulate characteristics of three of the most popular amplifiers. Settings are: body, crunch, and tweed.
  • EFFECT LED: Indicates when effect is on.
  • BOOSTER LED: Indicates when booster is active. Its color also changes according to booster’s intensity setting.


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