Glou-Glou Rendez-Vous - Multi-Modulation Phaser & Filter


Glou-Glou FX


The sound of old friends, in parallel.

Full-option, all-analog filter and phaser, with a pile of modulation controls: Envelope filter, envelope phaser, auto-filter, classic phaser, pseudo ring-mod.

The RDV is two effects: 6 stage phaser/vibrato and 12 db/oct multimode filter running in parallel.

Each effect can be modulated by one of 3 available methods: LFO, Envelope & External CV.

A modulation gate allows for use of audio rate LFO without hearing the carrier when note playing, allowing pseudo-ring mod.

The RDV runs on a +/-15V power supply. This allows for the use of any instrument, including line level sources, without suffering any saturation.


  • PARALLEL EFFECTS: with the option to be in or out of phase, providing never heard before combinations
  • VIBRATO/PHASER: full option phaser, from classic small stone to mutron, and beyond
  • MULTIMODE FILTER: 12 db/oct low-pass, band-pass, high-pass, notch-pass filter
  • LFO: variable waveforms, with speeds from nearly imperceptible to audio rate
  • ENVELOPE: wide variety of attack speeds, from gentle ascent to fuzzy pseudo-synth
  • MODULATION MATRIX: map the 3 modulation sources (LFO, Envelope, CV), to either or both of the effects (for a total of 6 possible combinations).
  • MODULATION GATE: only hear the effect while you are playing (ideal when LFO is at audio rate), with independent switches for each effect.
  • TRUE BYPASS: soft-switch relay preserves the integrity of your signal
  • CUSTOM ENCLOSURE: made in France with exceptional build quality, silk screened by hand
  • 18V AC POWER SUPPLY: operates at +/-15V for massive headroom and excellent signal/noise ratio
  • 100% ANALOG: all that vibe of your favourite vintage pedals

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