G-Lab MGC-6 Midi Guitar Controller



Midi Guitar Controller is the programmable switching device of effects' loops (looper), the amp's switcher and the MIDI devices' controller. By choosing one of the presets MGC-6 enables:

  • to activate selected effects (connected to LOOP1 up to LOOP6),
  • to set the amp channel (or the pre-amp one) and other amp's functions controlled by its footswitch input,
  • to set by Program Change command the MIDI device's program No (at MIDI devices for e.g. effects' processors) connected to MIDI OUTPUT,
  • controlling the additional modules by auxiliary outputs.

Controller enables to store up to 100 presets. Posses the function of presets' programming and copying. To avoid accidental presets' changing controller posses the six level memory protection. MGC-6 can be controlled by any foot controller or other MIDI device sending the Program Change commands. The device is user-friendly due to high quality LED display situated on its front panel.

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