GizmoAudio Sawmill - MOSFET Distortion/Overdrive




  • Transitions from clean to distorted with playing dynamics
  • Bias control pot to change tone color from distorted to overdrive
  • Clean distortion throughout all bias settings
  • Maintains tonality of picking position, bridge vs. neck pickup
  • Versatile with a variable distortion and overdrive sound
  • Morphs between distortion to overdrive with overdrive footswitch
  • True bypass


  • Control pots: Drive, Bias, Treble, Bass, Volume
  • Treble and Bass adjustable +/-8dB
  • Internally switchable midrange at 500 or 750 Hz
  • On/Bypass - on or true bypass footswitch
  • OD/Bias - overdrive(max bias) or pot adjustable bias - footswitch selectable
  • -9VDC 70mA (Boss type power connector)
  • Weight 2 lbs
  • Dimensions 5 1/2" W x 4 3/4" D x 2 5/8" H
  • Patent pending

Price: $210.00

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