Gimp FX Psycho


Gimp FX

Psycho does not want to be your friend.

Psycho wants to tear your guitar signal a new ass.

Thick, meaty fuzz. Focussed super-sustained tone to all-out crunchy stoner break-up.


  • GRUNT - a single combined volume and gain knob. Your amp will beg for mercy as you twist it.
  • GIRTH - increases the bottom end going into the circuit. This changes the whole character of the fuzz as it is increased, going from thick but focussed fuzz, all the way around to intense break-up and fat stoner crackle. Past twelve o’clock it gets into bass-friendly territory.

To tempt you bass-heads even more, there’s an option to add a clean blend circuit on a third knob.

Standard 2.1mm centre-negative DC power, no battery (saving the Earth one bit at a time). True Bypass.

Blacker than black textured powder coating with sweet screen print.

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