Gimp FX Hyperion


Gimp FX

Officially licensed build of a monster fuzz.

In your face high gain hijinx in a Muff stylee, but far from a one-trick pony. The gain on this box of bother will take you from gritty crunch through to full-on Octavia-ish scream.

The Gimp take on this pedal is tweaked for a bit more bottom end, but not so much that it loses any of the focus of the original.

Available in a few different configurations:

  • Standard 2-knob (Gain, Volume)
  • 3-knob Hyperion 2 (added Drone control for oscillation fun)
  • 3-knob with clean blend control (for you bass players out there)

Sorry, Blend and Drone can't be included together.

Standard 2.1mm centre-negative DC power, no battery (saving the Earth one bit at a time). True Bypass.

Blacker than black textured powder coating with sweet screen print.

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