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The Filthy Little Pig packs all the punch of a normal germanium-based Fuzz Face but in the tiniest of packages.

Measuring only 90 x 37mm (3.5" x 1.5"), I've still squeezed in a couple of vintage germanium transistors, DC power, true-bypass switching and an accessible biasing preset in case you want to tweak it (though it will be biased to perfection before leaving GimpHQ).

It may have graphics, it may not. Depends on what time I have. But the important thing is the sound. Creamy smooth tones from your choice of either AC128 (for a positive ground circuit) or AC176 (negative ground circuit).

Please take power supply into consideration when making your choice. Positive ground circuits should not be powered on the same daisy chain as negative ground effects.

Please note - there is NO BATTERY POWER option on these. Where would I put it?

Made with the finest quality components on my own custom-design, professionally fabricated PCBs. Pretty blue LED to top it off.

Great space-saver - every pedal board should have one. Mine has three!

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