Gig-FX Pro-Chop



Big Brother to the Chopper Dual-oscillator tremolo pedal with stereo

  • Tremolo: BEST IN CLASS versatile Tremolo with modulation rate controlled on the fly by the pedal
  • Rotating Speaker: BEST IN CLASS stereo rotating speaker effect with pedal - adjustable rate
  • Chopper: Entrancing rhythmic fully adjustable short or long pulses IN STEREO or MONO with pedal-adjustable frequency
  • Delay Emulator: All the texture of multiple echoes but without the encumbrance of a repeated note
  • Panning Machine: Make your solos soar across the sound stage with a STEREO auto-panner. Control panning rate with the pedal

Plus the PRO-CHOP has additional features

  • LCD Read Out: Modulation frequencies can be seen enabling precise and repeatable tempos.
  • LCD Easy to See: Illuminated with bright blue LEDs for maximum visibility.
  • MIDI SYNC: Modulation frequencies can be sync'd to a MIDI clock signal - get in sync with any groove.
  • Make New Waves: Player can choose 1/2/3/4/8 chops or pans or tremolo waves per MIDI beat.
  • Easy to Use: Two button system to choose display / sync mode of choice.

Mono or Stereo

The output signal from the PRO-CHOP may be mono or stereo, but is infinitely more interesting in stereo. In stereo, the effect can be panned or “chopped” from one channel to another and combined in phase or out of phase in various ways to produce an infinite number of captivating sounds. Merely describing it will not do it justice. You have to hear it to believe it!

Best in Class

The PRO-CHOP opens up a whole new world to guitarists and other musicians who want to produce repeatable and trance-like grooves or pulsating effects that are in perfect sync with any track.

There are two ways to achieve this; one is by setting the frequency read out on the LCD to the chosen tempo. This allows for the first time ever a precise and repeatable tempo for a tremolo wave / chop / pan.

The second is by syncing with any track / synth that has a MIDI clock available. By syncing with a given MIDI clock beat, the PRO-CHOP can allocate or 8 chops / pans / tremolo waves allowing a wide variety of sound patterns. Whenever the device is turned on, it will be instantly in perfect sync.


  • All analog signal circuitry with digital control, crystal clear sound, no coloration.
  • Easy to use. Two-button control (scroll / select) of the MIDI synch options / LCD display options.
  • Transparent bypass achieved by a FET switch. Open frequency response same as a true mechanical bypass, but more reliable. No signal drop or harmonics suck-out. Noiseless, pop-free switching.
  • Versatile: mono in, stereo out / mono in, mono out.
  • Reliable, wear-free, noise-free optical operation. Bypassed when pedal is all the way back.
  • 9V operating voltage, 20mA current consumption (we recommend using an AC adapter).
  • Will accept standard 2.1mm AC adapter supply plug, center negative.
  • Flashing blue and red LED's to show modulation rates.
  • Compact Size: 9” x 4” (228mm x 103mm).
  • Lightweight, high-quality aircraft aluminum casting and rugged construction, only 2.3lbs (1.1kg). Patented ergonomics.

How it works

There are two waves (oscillators) on the PRO-CHOP, one is a square wave which produces the chop sound and the other is a triangle wave which provides the tremolo or pan. Both waves run independently. On the left side of the unit, the controls adjust the chop attributes, and on the right side, the controls adjust the pan and tremolo attributes. There is a Mode Selector Switch which allows you to choose Chop only (CHOP), Tremolo / Pan only (STIR), and either of two combinations of both (BLEND and SHAKE).

In mono, when you turn the Chop on, the sound will be turned on and off at the rate and ratio you choose. In stereo, when one side is off, the other side is on, so the signal bounces back and forth across the sound stage. Try it on a big stage and the audience will be knocked out.

In pan / tremolo mode, in mono, the device will provide a versatile tremolo unit that allows the signal to be modulated deeper and slower than all other tremolo units, and the tempo can be set on the fly. In stereo, one side is on while the other is off, so the sound pans gradually from the left to the right at a rate determined by the rate control or pedal.

When you select the Blend or Shake modes, in mono, you hear the two waves beating against each other. In stereo, you here rhythmic pulses flying across the room.

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