Gig-FX Mega Wah




The MEGA-WAH is Six Wah's plus a volume pedal

  • Classic Wah: The original analog classic Wah sound, mono or STEREO in a lightweight, noise-free optically controlled package
  • Mega-Wah: We took the classsic wah and put it on steroids. Tons more OOOMPH on the bass frequencies and a tooth-rattling upper end
  • Trig-Wah: The Mega-Wah sound triggered by a note. Sounds awesomely funky
  • Auto-wah: Auto-wah: Why buy a pedal wah, envelope filter and auto-wah? This…pedal does them all
  • Stereo-Wah: Two circuits give twice the Wah and can be used in a stereo effects train
  • Stereo-Reverse-Wah: Flick a switch and reverse one channel for a neat melodic effect
  • Foot-volume control: At the flick of another switch, the pedal becomes a foot volume control

Another Wah you cry? ... A classic wah sound is just the start. you can adjust the gain, resonance peak, bass response and trigger sensitivity to produce the ultimate in wah sounds.

Mega Wah is the world's first stereo wah pedal with two independent channels

Best in Class

Fed up with trying to master the wah pedal? Turn it on auto-wah and set the tempo as you wish.

Don't want to be limited by tempo and want every note to be wah'd? Set it to trig-wah and every note will trigger a wah so you can fire your synth player.

Then you can switch it to become a volume pedal. Keep pressing and it adds up to 3dB of clean gain. Even the cleanest amp will start to rip and burn (with no loss of frequency response that distortion pedals give).

Bored with all that? Hook it up in stereo and switch to reverse the wah on one side…CHECK IT OUT. This is no ordinary wah. It is the ultimate in wah and volume / gain pedal technology.

For the most extreme wah tone ever, plug the output of the left channel into the input of the right channel and hear the most extreme wah sounds on the planet.


  • Easy to use. No programming or scrolling through patches required
  • All analog circuitry, crystal clear sound
  • Transparent bypass achieved by a FET switch. Open frequency response
  • Stereo in, stereo out, mono in stereo out.
  • Reliable, wear-free, noise-free optical operation. Bypassed when pedal is all the way back
  • 9V operating voltage, 30mA to 40mA current consumption
  • Will accept standard 2.1mm power supply plug center negative
  • Flashing blue and red LED's to show modulation rates
  • Compact Size: 9” x 4” (228mm x 103mm)
  • Lightweight, high-quality aircraft aluminum casting and rugged construction, only 2.2lbs (1.1kg). Patented ergonomics

How it works

The MEGA-WAH has two entirely independent Wah circuits in one package giving stereo in, stereo out capability. The effect also will accept a mono input signal automatically provide a stereo output. If the pedal is stepped on and rocked from the off position (all the way back), the optical linkage will automatically and noiselessly turn the unit on and then provide the classic wah or wah of choice as pedal is pressed down. The resonance control allows adjustment of the peak value of the wah determining how much wah range the pedal provides. The gain control allows control over how much gain the pedal provides to allow soloing at higher volume levels.

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